Thursday, November 7, 2013

Unique Freak

10TJp were fortunate enough to be able to participate in a programme called Unique Freak.
This was run by Petia and Caroline,during the time that we spent with Petia and Caroline 10TJP has experienced and learnt a lot of new things that some of us may not have known before about ourselves and each other also about one others cultures,talents,Personalities and much more.

The first couple of days that we spent with them, Petia told us about things that go on and what will happen in the group and also things that we would learn a part of the group which was called Unique Freak.

The next thing we looked at was ourselves and we had to choose quotes that applied to each person.
We also explained our dreams and explored how we will achieve our dreams,this was called our gaming planning but it was on our dreams.

So far 10TJp has had lots of fun,at the end of our time we went to Sky City Fortuna Restaurant for our break up lunch, following that we all went to the top of the Sky Tower. It was loads of fun.

10TJp would like to thank and acknowledge Peria,Caroline,Ms George and Barbara for giving us the opportunity to be apart of this programme.

by Mano....

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  1. Awesome stuff. This is a good experience for everyone to consider taking or to have 3 days taken out of class to be in. My name is Toke and I still have a booklet which we completed with Peter and Caroline in 2012. Well, in the booklet inside it has all careers that I have planned on doing for the future. It has helped me gain so much knowledge from the experience they have shared with myself and the student that were in there with me. I like to thank Barbera and Norton for getting me into that programme because after reading this it has surprised me to see that these young lovely people are still around to help students find there paths. God bless them and thank you very much