Saturday, August 15, 2009

Maths Week 2009

The Maths Department has us all thinking here at Tamaki College this week. There was activities and challenges all week to keep us on our toes!!
Check out all the action on the Maths page...

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Health Expo have a great day !!!

On Monday the 3rd of August, Tamaki College hosted a group of health representatives during its first ever, Health Expo. Along with group displays on diabetes and environment issues run by Tamaki College students, there were people from the Asthma Society, Family Planning, HELP (Sexual Abuse survivors), Smokefree and Odyssey House. The Heart Foundation provided interesting displays on fat and sugar levels in commonly eaten foods and alcohol issues were covered by Al-Anon and Community Drug & Alcohol Services. Information on mental health was provided by the Kari Centre.

Throughout the day, students were able to get information from all of the organisations and increase their knowledge around keeping a healthy body and mind. The day was very successful and our nurses Tania and Chris did a great job in organising the expo.