Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Year 13 Camp 2009 - Post 5 - Wonderful food and Singing

A report about preparing the food from Maine Putai

On the 3 days of camp, it has been a busy journey having to help to prepare the food with Mrs Heka. On Monday, Sina, Mrs Heka and I had to go food camp shopping while the rest were on their way to Goat Island. After our long day food shopping we went back to school to make dinner which was honey soy chicken with ham fried rice, and for dessert we had fruit salads. For breakfast me and Sina got up at 6 o'clock in the morning while the rest of the students were still sleeping. We had spaghetti on toast with a variety of cereals then we prepared lunch which was ham rolls with lettuce, tomatoes, carrots, cheese and mayonnaise and a few more snacks. For dinner we had nachos served with sour cream and bread and lastly to fill our stomach with happiness we topped it up with a desert serving of trifle. On Wednesday we had the same breakfast as Tuesday morning and for lunch we had packed lunch that was prepared by Mrs Heka and the team. They made us a packed lunch of pizza, muesli bar, fruits and a bottle of jolly drink each.

This report is from Charlotte Tumanuvao.

The three days of camp was so so awesome. The first day we started off by having a year 13 meeting in the auditorium and Mr Borland just told us the regulations for going on camp. Straight after that, we were off to Goat Island. I was so nervous going to Goat Island because we were going to swim with the fish. Our very first activity was to go on the glass bottomed boat andit was so cool seeing all the fishes up close. Everyone was so excited. Then we went to two caves and we went just a little bit inside them. The supervisor was telling us storys about the caves. Then the next activity was to get into our wet suits which were really tight on everyone and jump in the sea and swim close up with the fish. It was cool as many fishes were coming and swimming next to us. Then we headed back to Waiwera to sort out who will sleep inside all the cabins and tents. I chose a cabin and sleeping in it with me was Mina, Joanna, Leilani and Quentina. Th esecond day was the hardest day of camp.

Here is a video of our second evening at Waiwera, where we had a small singing competition at the hot pools.


  1. That was pretty funny.Use were mean
    in doing that performance.That wold of been cool staying and swimming their all night.

    "pretty cool"

  2. That looked interesting.We loved the way you guys done the haka! we would like to hear from you again! from Isitolo and Timote!

  3. That looked interesting.We loved the way you guys done the haka! we would like to hear from you again! from Isitolo and Timote!

  4. You wrote a really fantastic report.
    I could just imagine how much fun you had at camp for 3 days.
    Yous guys are really lucky cause we only went to camp for 2 days.
    Good job guys!!!

    Frm SPX Room6

  5. That was crack up Tamiki.Itlooked like you were having a great time.
    Go Tamiki

  6. That was really funny, and cool.That must of been fun staying at the pools all night.