Thursday, September 10, 2009

SELL Programme 2009


For three days in August, 80 Year 12 students swapped the class room setting to participate in the SELL Programme, run by the Young Enterprise Trust. A business programme which tested leadership abilities, patience and team work.
SELL stands for Student Enterprise Learning Link hosted by Ewan Mcleod and Sue Jury. All year 12 students involved were split into 10 groups of 8. These were our final groups for the next three days.
Each group was made to come up with a product, how it would be marketed, the financial point behind it and how it would be made. Teams were lead by their CEO and after the first day all students had their products and team set. The different inventions and products that were thought up were extremely creative! Ideas ranging from an alarm clock pillow, a portable hairstyling comb to a portable microwave! The fun had begun along with three days of pure hard work.
Day 2
On the second day of SELL, the real hard work began, you could even say, the competition had begun! Each team member was allocated a role, either as a Strategic Planner, Financial Advisor, Marketing Planner or a Production Advisor. All roles were given a task to complete that was vital in the completion of the company project. And it was here on in, that the ball started rolling. For an entire day, the CEOs were pushed to use as much of their leadership potential as they could. Getting yourself on track is one thing, but when you have to lead 7 other students who you may not even be used to working with, that’s a whole different story! Each and every role was demanding and tested each and every one of us mentally. We were made to think BUSINESS!
Day 3
The final day was do or die! It was judgement day... Teams were given two hours to decorate their located areas and set up boards with information on their product. All the hard work was settled down to this one day. We were all given time to breathe and then judging begun. Teams were given ten minutes to present their product to the judges, explaining every fine detail possible. The sense of competition created an awesome atmosphere and brought a lot of the teams closer together. The judges tallied their votes and at the end of the day found the product “OFF HEELS”, which are removable high heels as the winning product.
Overall the SELL programme was an amazing experience. It emphasised the importance of team work showing how every one has to do their bit in order to complete the project. CEOs were pushed to their limits to show leadership skills and to lead the team. We all learnt the importance of patience and working together to get things done. We were able to be hands on and experience all these things through SELL. It was an amazing learning experience.
We would like to say a huge thank you to Sue and Ewan for granting us with this amazing opportunity! And to all the staff who helped out.

Christine Savele
Year 12

Here are some photographs showing the action over the 3 days...

Here are the videos of the adverts that we had to make in 20 minutes...