Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Science Trip to the Stardome for International Women's Day

Report written by Vanila

On the 9th of March 2015 , a selected amount of year 10 and 11 students were invited to Stardome to participate in an event organised by AWIS as part of International Womens day. While we were there, we were offered breakfast and enjoyed the company of other students from One Tree Hill, Takapuna Grammar and Auckland Girls Grammar school. Our main focus for going was to experience “science” from someone else’s view.

We started our session off by being introduced to three scientists, very successful ladies who of course were passionate about their job! They each did a 15 minute presentation where they had the chance to let us know all about them, the work they do & what got them into science in the first place. Two from three of these scientists were from America and it was a real privilege getting to see them speak to us personally, and give us advice about pursuing our dreams!

There were 3 things that I learnt that morning from these awesome scientists . The first was On completion of jobs “ Done is better than perfect” - This influenced me because I tend to start things and never finish them . This quote has taught me that it is better to start things and get it done , instead of  trying to be perfect ! Quote 2 was : “ its a jungle gym , not a ladder” - This quote stood out to me because I knew for sure it was true. That life is not like a ladder. You will never always be successful and go straight up. There will be obstacles, kinda like a jungle gym  that will test your faith. But if you remain positive mentally and physically, you will become more successful than you ever could imagine! what I also got out from this talk was “ to not be afraid of being the first , the first women to be successful ! and yes , life will get hard , criticism will be thrown at you but if you stand staunch and keep going , life will flow just as you plan. But overall, like the Scientists said “ Take opportunities as they present themselves; make your own opportunities”.


Photo (left): Tamaki College students are pictured with Dr. Cather Simpson (third from left) who is appointed jointly to the School of Chemical Sciences and Department of Physics, is Associate Director of the Dan Walls Centre for Pure and Applied Optics and the Director of the Photon Factory, a modern multi-user laser facility at the University of Auckland.

Friday, March 6, 2015

Act is on Stage this Year

ACT (Acting Club of Tamaki) is heading into new territory this year. Welcome to all the new students who have joined us, it's great to have you aboard. We've changed our meeting day to Monday 3-5 pm in B1. We are going to see an Auckland Arts Festival performance of 'The Book of Everything'. We fund-raised with our first Bake Sale AND we are prepping for auditions at the end of the term. It's an exciting time to ACT! See you on stage! Ms Wethey and Ms Emery.

Level 1 Geography Trip to Cornwall Park

The Level 1 Geography class travelled to Cornwall Park this week to conduct research into the different uses of the park. They conducted surveys of people, observed the different ways people use the park, drew field sketches, and learnt about the ways Maori traditionally used the land, which they call Maungakiekie.