Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Athletics Day... The Entrances....

Here are the four houses doing their march ons.... It's a big competition to look the best as the teams come on the field for athletics day. Who do you think was the best ?
Camera work by Cindi and Dose.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Athletics Day 2010

It's been a beautiful day and Tamaki College has had a fantastic athletics day. The four houses were marching out in force, determined for the best march on prize....
There were house points flying as the events brought out the competition in everyone.
We even had a special guest. See if you can spot him in the photographs. Videos are coming later...keep checking back...

Friday, March 19, 2010

Cook Island Stage...

Well, TCTV have been to the Cook Island stage. A huge crowd watched our Tamaki College team put on a fantastic show.

Live from Polyfest!!!!

It's a fantastic day here at Polyfest. TCTV are here enjoying all the atmosphere and watching our fabulous teams on stage.

The Maori stage kicked off the day for Tamaki College with a great performance...

Then it was the Samoan's turn to show the crowds what they've got...

We are off to the Cook Island stage now.... update you soon!!!

Polyfest 2010

Vastsrff: Big shoulders . Tulsa: Just woke up . Jacob: Want a hug
At Polyfest setting up cameras at the Samoan stage...
We are here at Polyfest 2010 for TCTV to catch all the action and give you updates...

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Fia Fia Videos

Tongan Fia Fia

Video work by Aquilla.

Samoan Fia Fia

Video work by Sosia and Viliami

Maori Fia Fia

Video work by Saschamarie.

Niuean Fia Fia

Video work by Dose.

Cook Island Fia Fia - Part 1

Video work by Viliamai.

Cook Island Fia Fia - Part 2

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Samoan Fia Fia Night...

The last of the Tamaki College Fia Fia nights was held tonight. A packed auditorium welcomed the Samoan group who performed a fantastic dance.
Here are the photographs of the night.

Niuean Fia Fia Night

It was a busy night on Tuesday at Tamaki College. The Niuean group also had their Fia Fia night and performed to a packed auditorium.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Cook Island Fia Fia Night...

Tuesday nignt brought the turn of the Cook Island group to have their Fia Fia night.

Maori Dress Rehearsal Night....

Fia Fia nights continued on Monday night with the Tamaki College Kapa Haka group, Te Poho O Tamaki, putting on a great show in the auditorium.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Tongan Fia Fia Night...

It's Polyfest preparation time again here at Tamaki College. The Fia Fia nights are up and going with the Tongan group being the first. We had a packed auditorium on Friday night with the group putting on a fabulous show.

Friday, March 12, 2010

CJ's write up from Camp .....

Wow, PE Cert camp this year was such an experience! We did various fun activities - starting with snorkeling. Our group was first up, we got given a safety brief then were issued our wetsuits. They are SO ugly!! Its like putting on skinny leg jeans that are a size to small – but all over your body. Then we got the flippers, snorkel & mask – which are also ugly. The flippers are super hard to walk in, I feel sorry for ducks. We also got these yellow bandana things to put over our head so the instructors know their group from the other people swimming. That was the worst part of the snorkeling. I would have rather frozen then worn the wetsuit!! Once we were in the water we were taken by the instructors to various points around the island. We saw many beautiful fish, all of different sizes & colours. I was amazed to see how life is underwater. Once we finished, we walked along the rocks back to the beach & had lunch.

Our next activity was the glass boat. We had to take out shoes off & wash our feet before hopping on the boat because they weren’t too keen with the sand in the boat. The driver took us around the island, telling us facts & Maori myths. It was cool to see inside the tunnels but we didn’t go inside because of the ‘taniwha’ & because of the rough waves inside that lept around – making it very unsafe. A lot of the fish were hanging around the boat which was cool because we got to see them close up, without being scared or them swimming away. We also got to see a stingray, which swum up real close but quickly sum away not long after.

Once we got back to camp & were told to go to our cabins, everyone ran like a herd of elephants to get the best rooms. We got our own room; I shared with Sycha, Millah & Rangi. Our group was first to make dinner, we had spaghetti bolognaise. It was fun to make – Sycha & Raven did most of it though. It turned out we didn’t have enough food to feed everyone so our group had sausages & bread. Yayuuur!

Later on that night we did group activities. The biggest challenge for me was the trust fall. I felt like I was falling into my own death lol. It took me ages to finally fall & the adrenaline was crazy. When I fell, I had my elbows sticking out & hit Junior’s chest & Hiko’s mouth. Sorry guys! Haha, not. There were other activities like the electric fence, were you had to get your team to the other side of a fence that was about 1.2 metre’s high, some hula hoop thing, making a skit to perform at Waiwera, charades and making lunch with Mrs Gogo haha.

The next day was he hardest. We climbed a mountain! It was so hard! I’m surprised I kept up without dying or having an asthma attack, jokes. But it is so rewarding once you have the satisfaction of knowing you conquered it & seeing that view. Wow, It was so beautiful. Once we reached our destination we did more activities & went swimming. Our group won. SYKE! We lost, but were still cool. We came back along the rocks; it was so hard for the uncoordinated people (me). It was like 1km of straight rocks. Not cool! Everyone was tired & grumpy. We got a little bit of downtime once we got back to camp before we went off to Waiwera – the best part.

We arrived at Waiwera & everyone sorted racing for the slides. Everyone had found energy & was pumped. The most popular pool was the pool by the slides. All of us were in it – I think people did more posing for photos then swimming!! I didn’t go on any slides – too chicken lol. There’s a spa pool there that’s 40 degrees – no one could handle it! I’ve never seen anyone ever sit in it. For dinner we had a BBQ & potato salad. The potato salad was yum! It had marmite, onion dip, lemonade (sprite) & milk in it! Shot Mrs Gogo! Me & Emilou saved our bananas from lunch & made chocolate narnee’s. Yum. Once we finished dinner everyone (except Mrs Gogo, who watched the movie in the Movie Pool) hopped back into the pool by the slides & continued taking photos & playing on the slides. We were supposed to do our skits but the pools closed an hour early. Dumb!

The next day was the last day. Snow planet. Once we got there, we started fitting our boots & snowboards & took MORE photos haha. When we went in, the instructors taught us basic stuff like turning, stopping & going. It was cool & I fell over heaps – shaming! But no one cared, because they all fell too, I think. Once our turn was over, Mr Madgwick’s class went through & did the same as us while we watched & sat a test.

Overall, the camp was such an awesome experience, filled with tones of memories & photos. Thanks to all the people to contributed in making this camp happen. GROUP 2 WHAT!! Lol.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Ema Veatupu

03/03/10 ; first day of camp … pretty mean, first activity was snorkeling at Goat Island, weather was not the best but the water was awesome, saw lots of fish. That was cool, second activity was the Glass bottom boat, which was fun. Back at the campsite, Group1 made dinner and it was the best I’ve ever had … jokes. After dinner we were placed in our groups. We did fun little activities, one of them was Life rafting, where we all had to use 3 hula hoops to get across the field… in which we did not succeed. But overall the first day was awesome and my group, group3 is the best. And for all this we get 8 credits. Chuuur Bro .

CJ Rikia-Anania

Today was soooo cool!! We went to Goat Island – there we went snorkeling & on a tour in a glass bottom boat. Our group was snorkeling first – at first I was really scared of the fish & the wetsuits were annoying me but I soon got used to them & it was like a once in a lifetime experience. Pictures & videos so underestimate the beauty of Goat Island. After that our group was on the glass bottom boat. It was cool to know more about the fish & the maori legends about the tunnels. The bus rides were pretty boring but once we got to camp we were all excited. We bagsed rooms & had dinner – spaghetti bolognaise. Turns out we didn’t have enough so we had sausages & bread as the alternative. Now we are doing group work towards 8 credits. Yay :D

Video clips from Goat Island...

Level 2 Pe Cert. Camp - Goat island

Well.....TCTV has been invited to the PE CERT Camp this year.
We are here live at Goat Island today where the Year 12 students are in the middle of snorkling and having trips on the glass bottomed boat.
We are hoping to give you regular updates from students with details about what they are doing, photographs and videos.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Media Studies starts the year with a Bang!!!

Media Studies is well and truly up and going here at Tamaki College this year. We now have a level 3 course as well as level 2.
To check out what they have been up to with Self Portraits and the Film Noir theme, check out their latest blog posts.