Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Film Festival 2013 - Doctor Who

We tried a lot of things for the first time for this years' film festival entry from TCTV.
Here is our final movie -
Doctor Who and the Case of the Temporal Phase Reversal.

Here is the process that we went through this year...

We had a meeting of the story team and wrote a script.
Here is a link to a copy of the script. we also used this to collect resource material links and planning lists.
We then decided what was going to be filmed when and in what order.
Here is a link to the shooting plan. This was a very useful step as it organised what we could film together at one time.

The sets that we built for the film were fun to make. Here are some pictures of students putting the sets and set pieces together.

For the first time this year, we held auditions for the main role of the Doctor in our film. All the students were emailed and the auditions were held using the partially built set piece.





Our original plan was for the whole team to sing the Doctor Who theme music for the title. We recorded it all on garage band using lots of separate tracks for the different sounds.
After listening to the final outcome, we decided that it was a little bit too "scary" and decided not to use it on the final film.
Here it is..... see what you think...


  1. Wow cool movie you guys make.

  2. Celebrating 50 years of "Doctor Who" your movie reminded of when I watched as a child... especially liked your Dalek costumes. Awesome attention to details throughout the will be impressed.

  3. Wow Awesome movie cant wait for what you guys make next year and great auditions.

  4. Hi guys love your use of props overall I think its great movie
    keep it up.

  5. Hey,
    I love how you made your movie so creative and interesting. It draws me in so easily. Your props were so realistic and cool. Your video has a lot of interesting props, people and clothes. Your movie has a problem and solution. KEEP UP THE AWESOME WORK! :-)

  6. I like your movie it was funny.
    I love your costumes
    Tonja and Kyi Kyaw SPS

  7. I love your movie
    Tryden Hauriki from RM 11 Sylvia Park School

  8. I love your movie
    Tryden Hauriki from RM 11 Sylvia Park School

  9. Hi Tamaki College,

    Once again you have made a fabulous movie. My sister and I really enjoyed it, as we are really into Doctor Who. Seems like you had a lot of fun making the scenes. I hope that you'll make even more cool movies next time.

    Your sincerely,

  10. I really like your movie you of doctor who! Great work Tamaki Collage keep up the good work up.

  11. Hey Tamaki College, I enjoyed watching your videos it was so amazing you all were using expression I admire watching you making a good effort. I want to know how did you make the robots and how did get it so big?

  12. Ki ora Tamaki College, I enjoyed your film because it was hilarious and interesting. My favourite part was when the evil man got into did you make the hilarious helmets?