Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Film Festival 2013 - Remember Me

Level 2 Media Studies.
This year our focus was on our genre, Film Noir, and students had to design, plan, script and storyboard a short film. They had to use the conventions of Film Noir, such as low lighting, shadows, a femme fatale and a mystery.


  1. Hi there, we liked the movie and how you used black and white and colour.
    The story was a bit sad. We have a question? Will there be a Remember Me 2? Where the missing girl gets found?
    From Mina and Tonja, Sommerville Special School....Sylvia PArk satellite unit.

  2. Hey Tamaki, I found this movie interesting but emotional. I hope she was found.

  3. Hey Tamaki, I really liked this movie it was emotional.

  4. Hello Tamaki college I really respect how you help people remind themselves who they are.