Saturday, March 9, 2013

Harlem Shake Competition

TCTV are holding a HARLEM SHAKE competition.

There is only one rule - no rude body movements or gestures.
Entries are to be submitted to Miss Ferguson in the form of either a video file or a link to the uploaded file on the net.
If the video is on the net, it will be downloaded and put onto the school youtube account so the comments can be controlled.
Deadline on Monday 25th March.

All entries will be uploaded onto TCTV on that date for the voting to start.
Voting will be open for one week from the deadline.
Good luck

Any entries not following the ONLY RULE will not be uploaded for voting.

Here is an example that was made by 9PFn that their tutor teacher bullied them into doing.
We are sure you can do better!!!!!


  1. Mrs Fergurson
    Is the competition open to anyone. What about schools or classroom who are outside of the Auckland area but who have connection to the area? If there are still anyone who remembers my dancing from the old Tamaki Intermediate Talent Quests (Quote Sosaia, Moli 'that's the best dancing that we've ever seen') then I am sure that we could produce something inspired.
    Mr Webb, Melville Intermediate, Hamilton, Waikato

  2. nahhhhh that was awesome

  3. I think that will be fine Mr Webb. We can't wait to see your moves... :D
    Miss Ferguson

  4. Excellent, I will get it sorted, I am sure that it will be nothing short of brilliant... hmm... I have some ideas a a tribute of sorts. I will be in touch.

  5. This sounds cool, but the whole point of the harlem shake is to do crazy and rude movements. WE WILL DO THE HARLEM SHAKE WITH RUDE MOVEMENTS

  6. Dear Anonymous.
    Your stand that you are taking, in capital letters, would be admirable if it were not anonymous.
    You obviously have the right to make any kind of video that you would like.
    As this is a school competition, if you feel you are unable to apply the only rule, you also have the right not to enter the competition.
    Miss Ferguson

  7. stink az LoLs yozaa to tht wun ,buh still stink yr 9'S

  8. That Video was so cool and I enjoyed it,Make another movies so that it can be extra extra cool,

    From Taunese