Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Film Festival 2013 - The Shadow's Kiss of Lipstick

Level 3 Media Studies.
This year our focus was on our genre, Film Noir, and students had to design, plan, script and storyboard a short film. They had to use the conventions of Film Noir, such as low lighting, shadows, a femme fatale and a mystery.


  1. Hi

    Tamaki College your movie is like a horror movie it looked scary because of the murder.

    From Harry

  2. Hey,
    Your movie was a little freaky, it was kind of scary to me. Your movie was still awesome and cool. I wish I was there to see it at the cinema.

    Keep up the creative work.

  3. so this is good bu it is about a crime i like what you have its well the good and your movie is awesome and the shadow good.

    from leilani :)

  4. Hello Tamaki College,
    I love your movie! It is one of the best movies I have ever seen! What made you come up with the idea to make your movie about The Shadow's Kiss of Lipstick?

  5. Hi Tamaki Collage.

    I really enjoyed your guys movie.
    To be honest this movie is one of the best movie out of all the movies that you guys have made so far.
    What made you guys come up with a great movie like this?

  6. Hi Tamaki Collage

    I love what you done with your movie it's like a r18 movie. What inspired you to make it and why? Best of luck for next year.

  7. Hi
    Tamaki Collage I am from panmure
    bridge and I really like your video it is awesome !! how did you come up with The Shadow's Kiss of Lipstick?

  8. Hi Tamaki College like your movie because it was about a mystery of the murder and how did you guys thought of this movie idea ?
    From: Ivy