Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Team Building - Lia

Tribes - Seleni + Lupe

Zoo Animals - Mele + Kim

Respect at Tamaki College - Javanah

32 / 64 Bit World - Arahura

Respect - Sheralee + Sophie

Respect at Tamaki College - Pule + Marion

Master Chef

Hall of Fame

Excuses are for Losers

The Hunger Games

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Vote for 9KEm !!!

9KEm have been working in groups and making political parties in their Social Studies lessons.
Here are links to their party sites where you will find all of their policies ...

Kaiwhakaora O Te Iwi

Aotearoa Party

Kiwi Connect

Aotearoa Hea Hea

The Equal Party Site

Here they are when they visited Parliament earlier this term ...

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Tamaki Acting Club goes to the Opera...

Drama club were lucky enough to be able to go to an opera workshop in Week 4 at the NZ Opera facility in Onehunga. We were hosted by Joanne Cole and Stuart Maunder who ran us through a couple of workshops based on the upcoming opera, Don Giovanni. We were able to act in a scene and then direct the singers in a duet.

The students (and Ms Wethey!) shone in their performance and were confident and enjoyed this new experience. Check out the video of us doing our thing.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Tamaki College Boys in the Courier for the Glen Innes Mural

Spencer, Sam and Pale had their work acknowledged in the Courier
Thanks to Mr Sun ( Art Teacher) for the opportunity for them to do this.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Carving Course Update...

The senior boys have been working really hard on their carving course. Their work is looking really good.

Friday, May 30, 2014

Physics Trip to Rainbow's End

TCTV was very excited today to be invited on the Physics trip to Rainbow's End. The students had to analyse the forces at work on the various rides at the park and had work books to fill in with the relevant information. So as well as having fun, the trip was worth NCEA credits too!!

Here are Eli, Samson and Joe, reporting from outside the park before we went in.

Here we are on the Pirate Ship ...

and here we are giving the new ride, the Stratosphere, a really good try out.

Samoan Language Week - Responsibility

It is day 5 of Samoan Language week and today's great presentation in the staff room was about responsibility.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Samoan Language Week Day 4 - Success

It is day 4 of Samoan Language Week.
Today, we are talking about success.

and Happy Birthday Ms Apelu ...

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Samoan Language Week Day 3

Rise with Tamaki College this Samoan Language Week.

Respect - Fa'aaloalo
Integrity - Fa'amaoni
Success - Manula
Responsibility - Tuite e taunapa i ai

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Samoan Language Week - Respect

It is day 2 of Samoan Language week.
Here is Fiu presenting to in the staff room this morning, talking about respect.

Samoan Language Week  2014

Word for the Day !

Theme: ‘Hold fast to your cultural treasures’

This theme is an opportunity for teachers, students and the public to have conversations on what constitutes measina to Samoans. The addition of ‘cultural’ is an attempt to focus on what Samoans collectively regard as treasures. Measina is similar to taonga for Maori, and it includes but is not limited to artefacts like ‘fine mats, tapa cloths, body adornments, head-dresses and other traditional artefacts. It can include cultural celebrations and occasions like the ‘ava ceremony’ and many other ceremonies. It includes people, family lands, titles, social systems like the ‘matai system’, special relationships, organisations and communities. There is scope in this theme for conversation, debate and research.
Manulauti: ‘Taofimau i au measina’

O measina a le atunuu e anoanoa’i. E tatau ona fa’atalanoa lautele le uiga o measina a le tagata Samoa. E aofia ia mea lalaga ma mea fafau e pei o ‘ietoga, to’oto’o, fue, o laei e pei o le ‘tatau a ali’I ma le malu a tama’ita’i. E ono aofia ai I le manulauti ia fanua, suafa o aiga, o tu ma aganu’u / agaifanua e pei o le aliitaeao, ta’alolo, fa’atinoga o maliu, fa’aipoipoga, aiava, laulautasi, ma le tele o aganu’u ma agaifanua. E ono aofia ai ma tagata: tamaiti, matua, tuafafine, tuagane ma tu ma aga mo tagata eseese. E alaga tatau ai lea manulauti ia le fa’amatai, fa’avae ma le pule fa’amalumalu a ali’i ma faipule. O se manulauti e tele itu e aofia ai.

What’s happening in Auckland for Samoan Language Week today ?
Tuesday 27 May
AUT Samoan Language Debate 2014
Manukau City
AUT South Campus Conference, MD 210 640 Great South Road, Manukau City

Ia manuia le fa’amanatuina o le vaiaso o le gagana Samoa !
Have a blessed Samoan Language Week !

Tamaki College Achievement Applauded on One News

Check out this link to see Tamaki College on One News.

Go Tamaki!!

Monday, May 26, 2014

Carving Class

The Year 13 boys in the carving class have made an awesome start.
TCTV will be there each week to see their progress and watch as their masterpieces take shape.
Updates each Monday after their class.

Introduction to Samoan Language Week

We had a special guest in the staff room this morning to introduce the Tamaki College Samoan Language Week.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Tamaki College Samoan Group performs at the Earth Moving Ceremony in Glen Innes


On the 22nd March the Tamaki College Samoan Group performed at the “Earth Moving” Show in the Glen Innes. The “Earth Moving” Show was an event that marked both the blessing and celebration of the ground turning of the whenua (land) where the new youth, music and arts centre will be built.

We were invited to perform our 20 minute set. The students were so excited to perform as this was their final performance and marked the end of the Polyfest season. Despite not having every member present, their performance still held the same excellence, passion, excitement, focus and joy.

We are very grateful to have represented Tamaki College at the event and would like to thank Veeshayne Patuwai for the invitation.

Mr Tu'uga Stevenson

Tamaki College Samoan Group perform at Point England School

The Tamaki College Samoan Group performed at Point England School 21st March after their performance at the ASB Polyfest 18th March. The students put on a great show performing half of their 20 minute set to a packed hall of students, teachers, parents and community members. They performed the Ulufale (Entrance), Ma’ulu’ulu (Group Dance), Sasa (Group Dance) and Ulufafo (Exit).

As part of their visit to Point England School, the Year 13 members of the Tamaki College Samoan Group (Sean Paketama, Cruz Tia, Price Vigo, Otira Moala, Eli Makita, Lem Schwenke, Christian Makea, Christian Maruariki, Mote Moala, Ngatokorima Jake Lamkum, Pale Ngapera, Paul Sioneuesile, Alex Tupou, Johnny Tea, John Tuilata Lemalie, Sosefo Makalio, Eseta Tafea, Laura I’u, Chloe Fuiono, Vaiaoga Matavao, Mele Taiseni, Louina Rokeni, Faustina Tevaga, Monica Collins & Seleni Misa) did workshops with the Point England School Samoan Group in preparation for their Fia Fia Night. The Year 13 students and the Point England School Samoan Group students worked together to create their own Sasa and had to perform their own Sasa sequence to the other groups at the end of the session.

Mr Tu'uga Stevenson

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Year 8 Open Day - Elephant Toothpaste

Year 8 Open Day - Chants at Interval

Year 8 Open Day Photographs

imagephoto 1photo 2photo 3photo 4

Year 8 Open Day, a set on Flickr.

It has been a great day here at Tamaki College with all of our Year 8 visitors. The student ambassadors did an amazing job of showing the students round and looking after them all day. Mrs Heka's Catering students have worked hard over the last couple of days to make sure that everyone was fed really well. The students had a great time trying out the different subject lessons all day.


TCTV Crew Sing

Out and About


Heading Out Ready to Go...

Year 8 Open Day - Introduction

It is an exciting day here at Tamaki College.
We have invited all the Year 8 students from our local intermediate schools to come for the whole day and see what life at college is like.
Our Year 9, 10 and 11 ambassadors are out to help and TCTV is going to catch the action all day.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Athletics 2014 - Totara

Athletics 2014 - Kowhai

Athletics 2014 - Rata

Athletics 2014 - Puriri

Athletics 2014 - The March Ons

Athletics 2014 - The Photographs

Athletics 2014, a set on Flickr.
It was a hot day and the whole school was out on the field for the 2014 Athletics Competition. The services academy had done a great job of setting everything up and the teams were raring to go. The whanau's marched on and performed their chants in front of everyone else. Then the competition was really on. House pride was the order of the day with the crowds yelling their support for the competitors. Family and friends came to support too, also wearing the correct colours for their houses. Kowhai took it out with a convincing win on points.