Sunday, March 1, 2009

Year 13 Camp 2009 - Post 4 - Wenderholm

This report is from Alamanda Tahu

Dear Diary,
So its Tuesday afternoon and the bad weather has ‘gapped it!’ Thank goodness for that. Today we went up this hill at Wenderholm, it was totally insane! We all had to hike up this stupid hill. I was coming last as usual, but it was cool because Mr. Dunn , Ms. Bunce and my Uncle George were being my tautoko (or support). It was challenging this hill, but I’m glad I made it to the end. I fell over, and all my men were behind me. It was crack up!
We got into our whanau groups and did a few team building activities. TOTARA was the best in my opinion. Each whanau worked on their chants for athletics, I could hear Kowhai's, it was alright? No, it was awesome I’m just jealous.
I had a lot of fun today, even though I had to climb up that stupid hill.
My boys were MEAN today, mad respect for them.
The food is awesome, everybody is walking around in toes, hopefully we can gap soon to Waiwera for our talent quest night things. EXCITING kind of. Well, that’s me for today people. My legs are sore, I want to swim, and I got to see what’s happening with the tent.
Later Diary.

Here are some photographs of what we did there...

Here is a video of the walk to Wenderholm...

This is a short video of what we did when we got there...


  1. I really enjoyed reading your diary entry above. It made me laugh and it was interesting, you put a lot of feeling into it I thought. Wenderholm looks like a lovely beach. Thanks for sharing those great movies. Keep up the great work.

    Miss Lavakula

  2. COOL!!!!!!

    your camp looked so cool!!!!!

    Didnt watch all of it because we have slow internet so i only watched about 10sec of it. But it looked really really fun!!!!!

    Patrick niko