Saturday, February 28, 2009

Year 13 Camp 2009 - Post 3 - Tuesday Morning

This post is from Quentina Katinapi

Tuesday morning started with Miss Ferguson saying “wake up ! It’s lovely”. I immediately woke up with a sore throat and a massive migraine. We then gathered together to share a morning meeting with some complaints to how last night had gone. Mr. Boland broke the news that one of the students had been taken home due to misbehaving and breaking the regulations. As soon as the meeting finished we all set out for a stroll along the beach. Beneath the horizon it was a magnificent view. It was like little pebbles glittering in the shimmering light. Heading back to our cabins with sweat dropping off our faces we rushed into the showers to extinguish the smell then settled down to munch on a really good breakfast.

Joel Herbert

On the morning Tuesday the 24th of February, Mr. Roy’s class were on kitchen duty and had to make breakfast for all 70 students plus a few extra for the teachers. I had just come to help and everything was almost done as they had been in here early to cook and prepare the food. There was a wide range of foods like cereals and spaghetti on toast. Miss Heka was the person in charge in the kitchen and made sure that everybody was organized. It turned out quite well and everything was gone in less then half an hour even the muesli.

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