Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Te Poho O Tamaki wow the Polyfest crowd...

You have got to check out the Tamaki College Maori page for the fantastic news about about how Te Poho O Tamaki did at Polyfest 2009.... TCTV were there to record the action and it was VERY EXCITING !!!!!


  1. tHaNkS fOr eVeRyThInG mY kApA hAkA bOyS yEeYaH nUmBeR 1# hAkA!! eastside!! ckwngi!! c two s

  2. Great photo!
    So you moved to colledge? What site will be yours?

  3. Wow you guys must od did great your
    costumes look so awesome!! what place did you come? I hope you enjoyed your day! also were you really nervous? Come and Check out Room 6's Creations on
    From Tyra Rm 6 Literacy Class!

  4. hi my name is kataraina and im a mauri nice haka great job.