Thursday, February 26, 2009

Year 13 Camp 2009 - Post 1 - Goat Island

This report is from Paea Ahokava

On Monday 23rd February the Year 13 students of Tamaki College left for their camp. We started off by going to Goat Island where we were split into two groups. One went snorkeling and the other group went for a boat ride. The snorkeling was amazing. We were kitted out with all the swimming gear we needed, like wet suits and masks, and we headed off to the water. The water was nice and warm with a whole new life under the sea. We saw all types of fishes from snappers to sting rays when we explored the bottom of the deep blue ocean and we witnessed many amazing things. Later we left to go on the boat. The boat had a glass over the bottom of it so we were able to see through into the water. We learnt about the marine reserve and what was the purpose of it and why we are not allowed to fish there. We explored caves and saw more fishes and their habitats and learnt that a fish’s mood will depend on the weather and the direction of the wave. We have just finished putting up our tents and now preparing to go to the Waiwera hot pools.

Here are some photographs from Goat Island.

Here is a short video of the activities we did on Goat Island.

After the Goat Island trip, we came back and put our tents up.

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