Thursday, September 4, 2008

TCTV : Flossy Tangata talks about Outward Bound

TCTV talks to Flossy Tangata, who reports back from her experience at Outward Bounds.

Being at outward bound was a really great experience for me. I left Auckland on the 2nd of August 2008 knowing that I had no confidence in myself and knowing I didn’t believe in myself. Being at outward bound for 21 days changed my life. It made me build up my confidence and helped me believe in my self a lot more. It was very challenging for me and others at outward bound. At first it was hard for me but in the end it was worth the hard work and I completed it to the end.

The things we did at outward bound were tramping, kayaking, sailing, rock climbing and high ropes. We also did a six day journey and we walked 71 km in four days. It was really hard and was really challenging when we sailed from Ship’s Cove all the way back to Anakiwa.

If I was to recommend this to others, I would say go hard and do the best you can and enjoy every minute that you can. This changes peoples life’s like it changed mine.

Photographs by Beven and Amy, my instructors.

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  1. Hi Flossy
    I really enjoyed reading your report about Outward Bound and particularly your conclusions about what you gained from the experience.
    Thanks for sharing it with us on the blog. The photos look great too.
    Mrs Burt