Friday, September 26, 2008

TCTV : Tamaki College : Word of the Week - Contributing

This is TCTV reporting to you about our word of the week here at Tamaki College. It is "Contributing", and this week has been all about how everyone joins in with things that are happening, both in the college and in the community.
Our Prefects and Sports Academy students went up to Point England School this week to help out with their international sports day.
C.J from the Year 10 news team went up to film what was going on and the editing was done by Emma, from the Year 12 team.


  1. I know that the huge contribution made by the students from Tamaki College was greatly appreciated at Pt England School. They said it was the best 'Olympics' ever and that the students were fantastic leaders and role models for the primary school kids. Good job with the editing Emma :)

  2. Hi There !
    We certainly appreciated the help of the Tamaki College students at our school's mini ' Olympics.' We thought they were really cool leaders. Thank you !


    Room 5 Pt England School.