Thursday, August 28, 2008

TCTV : Tamaki College School Ball 2008

The Tamaki College school ball was held on Saturday 16th August. The event was held at Romfords at the Tamaki Yacht Club. The students came dressed up and looking fine where the theme of the night was "Hollywood Retro" A lot of dancing, eating and photograph taking was done by all.
TCTV was on hand all night to record all the festivities...


  1. Hello Tamaki this is Moli from Tamaki Intermediate school. Looks like the ball was fun the photos look funny,pretty,and all your Dresses and Tuxedo looked awesome. I hope when I go to Tamaki College the ball will be EXCITING like that.

    From Moli and Joshua
    Tamaki Intermediate

  2. heya tamaki college students, i luv ur ball photos.
    its rajeveena i knw dat sum of uze knw me.haha n sum of da teachers 2