Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Tamaki College Robots


  1. Kia ora!!!
    Tamaki college.
    I loved your movie because the robots were cool and I just want to make on now!!!

  2. hi i bet if i versed them I would lose

  3. Hello
    We really liked your robots because they are cool. We wish we could make robots too. We would really like to know how you made the robots.
    From David, Esile and Tisharn - Room 2 TPS

  4. Hi Tamaki college may name is Reneir From panmure bridge school I like robots and so beautiful.

  5. Hi Tamaki college. I like your robot. I have made a robot but made out of box. Why did you make robot?

  6. hi tamaki college my name is Brooklyn and I am from Hay Park School I looked at this video and I saw robots and I love robots so I watch this video and it was amazing and cool. there is nothing else that I need to ad nice work!

    kind regards brooklyn

    here is my blog Brooklyn@haypark