Wednesday, November 7, 2018

What is Success?


  1. Hi my name is jayla feleti at pt England school.

    my best part is when they beilve Tamaki college.

    thanks for shareing your movie.

  2. Hey Tamaki Collage!!,
    My name is Leilani and I'm a Year 8 student at Pt England school. Amazing movie!. You guys did a great interview, I like Alvina Pau'uvale answer that she gave because Success is about being happy and doing something your happy with. The world is full of opportunity so grab it and use it wisely.

    Fantastic movie!!! Hope to see more next year
    -Leilani. P.S: Can't wait to come Tamaki next year!!!

  3. Hi Tamaki Collage, my name is Kaliamata attending St Pius X Catholic School, i really like how you have explained a lot of different information about what success is from different point of views. Great Movie!!

  4. Hi my name is taua and this move is the cool one in the would

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  6. Hi my name is Paschal and I am from Pt england school. I enjoyed you movie.thank you for sharing.