Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Film Festival 2019 - Whare Manaaki Market Day

Here is our script....

K - Malo e lelei My name is Koloni Tupou-Hia 

R - kia Ora my name is  Raewen - eve 

S - and Talofa lava My name is Salelei….

K - Have you ever…..

S - whoah whoah whoah, I didn't get to say my last name guys

R. - fineeee, let's start again

K - my name is Koloni Tupouhia, 

R- my name is Raewen - eve 


K.- have you guys ever had a market day before?

S - well, our business class from Tamaki college decided to have our own Market day 

R - we got to make a variety of deeeelicioussss foood such as fruit kebabs, chocolate chip muffins, chicken wrap and of course our Mango otai

K.S.R - we all hope you enjoy our little film, so sit back, relax and enjoy our movie. 

S - man I can't believe you guys didn't let me say my last name

R - ohh come on Sa let the viewers watch in peace


  1. kia ora that is yummy and creative the kebab is so yum this movie is so clever my favourite part is when you guys were shopping. From pt England school at the block.

  2. hello my name is maryjane i am from pt England school and that looked yummy thank you for sharing your film festival.

  3. Malo E Lelei,
    I'm a year 7 attending St Pius School.
    I really enjoyed your movie. It was really interesting and delightful. I learnt a few recipes from this. Other than that, keep up the good work!

    Kind Regards,

  4. i Tamaki college nice rap all those foods look really really delicious espically the chocolate muffin and all the ingreients look simple From The Block At Pt England School

  5. kia ora my name is angel and i am from pt england school the favourite thing that i like is that you do your work properly and get it finished what liked is that you help get the shopping and not being lazy like i don't want to do it and your rap looked delicious