Thursday, September 18, 2014

Vote for 9KEm !!!

9KEm have been working in groups and making political parties in their Social Studies lessons.
Here are links to their party sites where you will find all of their policies ...

Kaiwhakaora O Te Iwi

Aotearoa Party

Kiwi Connect

Aotearoa Hea Hea

The Equal Party Site

Here they are when they visited Parliament earlier this term ...

1 comment:

  1. What a great activity for 9KEm!

    I was torn between voting for The Aotearoa Party and The Equal Party.

    I like The Aotearoa Party's Health Policy, because at the moment fast food or unhealthy food is cheaper than healthy food like fruit and veges and that doesn't seem fair for the people of New Zealand.

    However I think that three policies from The Equal Party are really good ideas - Housing, Jobs and Welfare.

    Overall I think that I would vote for The Equal Party - great work Salome, Precious and Malia!