Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Film Festival 2011

Well it's that time of the year again where the TCTV team have to start thinking about the film festival. This year we are having a competition where small teams have made very short ideas. These ideas are here with a voting form. What we want you to do is watch the ideas then vote for your favorite on the form. The idea with the most votes by Friday 16th September will be made into the full 3 minute film for the festival in November. Best Moves Horror 4 Tamaki's Next Top Model The 3 Master Toilet Cleaners Bullying Here is the voting form. Don't forget to click the submit button.


  1. That was a hard choice. All the movies have good points that could be turned into great entries for the Film Festival. Could they all be remade?
    The moves movie is fun, but each of the shots needs to be at least half as long - keep it tight. The horror movie has the best acting, but loses pace in the second half. The next top model is well done -clips snappy and fun - but needs a conclusion. The 3 toilets is funny and starts off well, but loses the plot.... The bullying idea is great but really needs tightening up eg the smoking scene is way too long.
    So as they stand, I voted for the toilet cleaners!!

  2. 'best moves', is better and funnier ahahahahahahahahahahahahah lol ahaahahhahahahahahahahahahah

  3. it was a hard decisions to choose but i reckon bulling is the best

  4. hey TCTV,

    The movies that you have created were amazingly awesome. I really enjoyed watching them. It was a very difficult decision. You have incredible talents and ideas when it comes to making movies.