Thursday, July 22, 2010

Tamaki College v Japan....

The Under 17 team were taught a lesson in teamwork and discipline by a touring Japanese team called Osaka Toin High School. The Under 17’s believed they might be too big and physical for their Asian opposition. However the Japanese team played cohesively and with better fitness they ran away with the game 40 points to nil.

Meanwhile the Under 15 team played the Oasaka B team, and feared a little better, going down 15 to nil. Captain and player of the day Owen Talatau summed it up when he said that the game was a different style of rugby than we are used too!

Both teams can be congratulated on the way they hosted the opposition both before and after the match. Both teams were able to exchange stories in the after match function / feed in the auditorium. Although there was a language barrier the Osaka team found our boys extremely friendly and hospitable.

(Mr. Borland)

Here are some photographs from both of the games...

Here is a video of both the hakas and a little of the action...


  1. Thanks for posting snippets of the action. It is good to see that the Japanese teams came over here prepared to take us on with some good skills. Reads like it was a great cultural exchange too.

  2. hey owen shot cousin your schools the best in the whole wide wolrd.