Monday, April 26, 2010

Babylon Riddim Finishes up in Style...

These photographs were taken by Elena who along with another women Shirley are the two coordinators of the Smokefree Pacifica Beats Music Competition.

The photographs were taken at the conclusion of the bands two and a half day video recording session during the weekend. The video and its accompanying sound track “Reggae is my Heart” will be released in May.

All seven band members attended gave a 100% effort throughout this period.

The photographs depict the closing few shoots of the recording on Sunday evening. The site was the top of Mount Roskill and we could not have had a better sunset backdrop. It was only by coincidence that the recording was on Anzac Day. The Christian cross is only visible for Easter, Christmas and to our surprise Anzac Day. Nobody was expecting it to come on, but it really made an excellent prop to be able to work with.

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