Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Ema Veatupu

03/03/10 ; first day of camp … pretty mean, first activity was snorkeling at Goat Island, weather was not the best but the water was awesome, saw lots of fish. That was cool, second activity was the Glass bottom boat, which was fun. Back at the campsite, Group1 made dinner and it was the best I’ve ever had … jokes. After dinner we were placed in our groups. We did fun little activities, one of them was Life rafting, where we all had to use 3 hula hoops to get across the field… in which we did not succeed. But overall the first day was awesome and my group, group3 is the best. And for all this we get 8 credits. Chuuur Bro .


  1. ema you lost, twas my group that made our 5star dinner :P


  2. hahaha, my bad ... lol
    it was group2 that made the food, and the drink that tasted like water, with colour ...
    (Ceejay's group)