Wednesday, March 3, 2010

CJ Rikia-Anania

Today was soooo cool!! We went to Goat Island – there we went snorkeling & on a tour in a glass bottom boat. Our group was snorkeling first – at first I was really scared of the fish & the wetsuits were annoying me but I soon got used to them & it was like a once in a lifetime experience. Pictures & videos so underestimate the beauty of Goat Island. After that our group was on the glass bottom boat. It was cool to know more about the fish & the maori legends about the tunnels. The bus rides were pretty boring but once we got to camp we were all excited. We bagsed rooms & had dinner – spaghetti bolognaise. Turns out we didn’t have enough so we had sausages & bread as the alternative. Now we are doing group work towards 8 credits. Yay :D


  1. Hi CJ
    I recommend you speak to Mr Borland as soon as possible to ensure the food situation is under control.
    It sounds like you are enjoying your camp so far and that's great
    A big thank you to tctv for the live blogging
    Take care and enjoy your camp.
    Mrs Pamaka

  2. Hi CJ, You make the snorkeling experience sound like a must-do. I am wondering; if you keep up the blogging do you get some English credits as well :)
    Mrs Burt

  3. Hi CJ,

    It was great to read your blog about school camp. Goat Island is a great place to visit. Have you been there before? It sounds as if the management at Tamaki College have organised a pretty special camp experience for you all. I look forward to hearing more when I am visiting.