Sunday, December 14, 2008

Ode to Year 10 Camp - 2008

To motivate this lot, God what a mission,
We started early, we showed photos, from every position,
Till finally we had an acceptable amount,
To cost towards Lakewood – oh what an account.

The wall climbing and horse trekking were a hit with everyone,
Even down in the paddocks, where the Frisbee Golf was done.
The kayaking as usual was the highlight of camp,
No comparisons though, to the stormy Monday night’s damp.

The camaraderie and team support were awesome to see,
The gender separate groups weren’t exactly hiccup free.
New friends were made, new leaders spotted,
The students responded well to all tasks allotted.

Our final acknowledgement to the teachers who come,
They’ve taken everything on board, even dog bites on the bum…

A poem by Miss Gayle Murray.

Here are the photographs from the three days at Lakewood Lodge taken by Mr. Thorpe and Miss Murray.

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  1. Those were some great photos! You are very lucky to have gone a camp. It looked liked you all had so much fun too. Well done and have a great holiday