Friday, September 3, 2010

Music Video Competition....

Announcing the Tamaki College Music Video Competition.

 Do you think you can make a music video ?
If yes ?...enter this competition...

You can do one song or do a combination of songs.
You can sing your own song or use tracks from other people.
You can act, sing, dance, use cartoons, puppets, anything you like.

The video can be made on cameras, mobile phones, webcams, any way you like as you are not being judged on the quality of the type of video.

You have the rest of this term and the holidays to make your videos.
Have them to Miss Ferguson by Monday 11th October.
This competition is open to all current students at Tamaki College.

The videos will be judged and the winners will be asked to make their video again on the TCTV cameras so that we have a really good quality music video for this year's Film Festival.

All entries that follow the rules will be shown on TCTV.

The Rules.
No obscene language or gestures.
No gang, drugs or alcohol references.
Entries must be in the form of a digital file, either from a computer or phone.
You can enter as many times as you like.
All videos must be less than 3 minutes.

Here is the video from the staff at Tamaki College to inspire you to do better!!!!


  1. What a cool video. It put a huge smile on my face on a rainy Friday night. Well done Soana and team. Awesome.

    Michael Fletcher

  2. What a great idea! You've inspired me to do something similar as a future project in our school. We're looking forward to viewing your entries.
    Paremata School

  3. The song you guys did was so funny it was so new because I had never heard the song before but I learent it so quickly.

    Buy for now hope to see some more next time.

    By Toko