Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Barista Opening...

Tamaki College opening of the Barista

Friday 14 May the Year 13 Catering and Hospitality students held the official opening of the school's Art of Coffee Making. It has been some time now that the school has had the coffee machine but they decided with their teacher that they would hold a formal ceremony to open it in Term 2.

Having a machine like this at the school means an extra skill for the students to have especially if they are seeking part time jobs in local cafes. The morning started of with a word of prayer to bless the programme/machine by the schools kaumatua , Wally Noble and followed by the cutting of the ribbon by our principal, Mrs Pamaka.

The guests were then treated with freshly baked goods ranging from a variety of muffins and slices. This was accompanied by a freshly brewed cup of coffee, decided upon by the guests themselves. The celebrations did not end there as there was a lunch time special for the students, staff and other parties interested. All hot drinks served were at a special price of $1.00. There was a mad rush and everyone who bought one came back for seconds some even thirds.

The catering class would like to extend their sincere thanks to all distinguished guests who came to the official opening, the students and staff who supported us during our lunch time sale and last but not least our teacher, Mrs Heka.

Thank you once again and we look forward to your support in the near future.

Written by Maine.


  1. Very impressive. So next time I am visiting Tamaki College, if I come over with my $1 can I buy myself a trim Flat White ? Mrs Burt

  2. Hey Maine - nice write up! It sounds like we missed a very posh affair!!
    Anyway I can highly recommend your cafe, the service is always great and very reasonable prices. Ms Tito and I always look forward to Thursday tech at Tamaki.
    Love it...
    Mrs Nua