Friday, February 7, 2014

Year 9 Introduction Week


Year 9 Introduction Week, a set on Flickr.

It was a really busy first week for the new Year 9 students at Tamaki College. They were put into their tutor classes and had to get to grips with their new timetable, different subjects, different teachers and finding their way around. To help with this, the Year 13 students split them into groups and gave them a really good tour of the school, introducing them to teachers as they went round finding out where everything is.
On their second day of the first week, the Year 13 students got all of the Year 9's together on the field and put them through their paces in a variety of activities. It was all about getting to know each other and settling in.
Welcome to the new Year 9 students.
Well done the Year 13 leaders, you did an awesome job.
Thanks to Miss George for the photos.

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  1. Well done to staff, year 13 and year 9 students for getting into the spirit of the occasion and wearing house colours. Raenan's speech at the end shows that this was an extra special event for the year 9 students.