Saturday, August 14, 2010

Rugby Girls Honoured in Assembly...

We had a great assembly at Tamaki College this week. The victorious girls Rugby team came into the auditorium to "We are the Champions". They were presented their winners certificates by Mrs Pamaka and the whole school was entertained by a highlights video put together by Miss Apelu, the girl's coach.
Here is the video...


  1. Really, really enjoyed watching this. Obvious that the school is very proud, a great score line too, nice to see success on such a stage and what a wonderful trophy for the school to have! Well done to the team.
    Mr Webb, Melville Intermediate, Hamilton, Waikato.

  2. Honestly this is the best news ever unfortunately back in 2000 it couldnt be done but watching you girls and still with Ms Apelu victory is sweet I am so proud of the girls Ms Apelu because it has just made it victorious for all us girls who attended tamaki college that tried to succeed and now it is done O 4 Owsum thats all I can really say!!!!!!