Monday, April 28, 2008

TCTV : Tamaki College : Pre Season 1st 15 match v MAGS

TCTV went out to Mount Albert Grammar to watch the preseason match...

The report is written by 1st 15 assistant coach, Mr. Tindling.

The Tamaki College 1st XV travelled out to MAGS on the first Wednesday of the holidays for a preseason fixture. The day was windy and Tamaki started with the advantage. MAGS started the better of the two teams and scored three early tries out wide. At 17-0 Tamaki entered the MAGS 22 for the first time and scored a well taken try through James Mata. At 17-5 Tamaki were right back in the game but a late try right in the final minute of the first half put the score out to 22-5.

Tamaki started the second half much better than the first and dominated possession and territory and were rewarded with a well taken try to Grady Hunt of a flick pass from his brother Jack. Tamaki continued to dominate possession but wayward passes lead to MAGS scoring two more tries on counterattack. The final score MAGS 32-12. A good hit out for the Tamaki boys against last years 1A champions and with a number of senior Tamaki boys being rested it showed we are not to far off it.

Player of the Day: Howard Sililoto.


  1. This is great to see the First XV matches appearing on your blog. Looked like it was a good game too.
    I hope you get the word out so lots of people can come and see the video clips here.
    All the best with TCTV

    Mrs Burt

  2. This is fantastic! I really enjoyed reading the report first and then 'seeing' the game live really enhanced the viewing! Whoever did the filming did an excellent job and some of those hits were huge! Our students are really going to love this!

    Mr Webb
    Tamaki Intermediate School

  3. That Howard Sililoto is a great player, love watching him & tamaki college every saturday. Best wishers to your 2009 season.